End of Line for IBM PCs

IBM announced today that they have sold off their PC business to Lenovo Group Limited.


IBM retain an 18.9% ownership share in the Lenovo group, but it is safe to say the pc manufacturing business is well and truly out of IBM.

  • Creates world’s third-largest PC business with approximately US$12 billion annual revenue for 2003
  • Global business with worldwide reach, powerful brand name, balanced product offerings and leading R&D capabilities
  • Long-term strategic alliances between Lenovo and IBM in PC sales, service and financing worldwide
  • Worldwide headquarters in New York; principal operations in Beijing and Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Transaction of US$1.25 billion in cash, equity; total transaction consideration of approximately US$1.75 billion
  • IBM to take 18.9 percent equity stake in Lenovo; transaction expected to be completed in second quarter 2005


ATI Adds to Radeon Series.

ATI Corporation announced yesterday that they have expanded their Radeon Series of cards. The new RADEON® X850 XT Platinum Edition, RADEON® X850 XT and RADEON® X850 PRO products target the PC Gamer, The new RADEON® X800 XL and RADEON® X800 products take the same, award-winning RADEON X800-series features and capabilities and drive them to new, low price points.

“Whether playing one of today’s blockbuster titles like Half-Life 2, or any of the hundreds of other games currently available, gaming on a system powered by ATI’s RADEON X800-series cards delivers the ultimate high definition gaming experience,” said Rick Bergman, Senior Vice President and General Manager, PC Business Unit, ATI Technologies. “The new RADEON X800-series cards reach new heights in performance and new lows in price – an unbeatable combination.”


Valve vs Sierra

Valve Corporation, the makers of Half-Life (amongst others) has won the court battle with the game distributorSierra over the pay as you play rights.
Valve were originally “put out” that the game was distributed to Cyber Cafes by Sierra, without the considerable funds ever reaching their bank accounts.
This decision opens the door for Valve to recover funds it may have lost through this venture.
The full court decision can be read here

Seagate’s New Barraccuda and Slimline Playstation 2 Shortages

Seagate_barracuda_7200_7Seagate have delivered, what they claim to be the largest capacity hard drive for the PC. Weighing in at a hefty 400GB, the Barraccuda 7200.8 offers fast SATA NCQ performance and allegedly greater areal density than any other PC Hard Drive.
More details can be found at Seagate’s news site.

Play Station 2Sony have claimed that production and shipping issues of the new slimline Playstation 2, plus the overwhelming demand, have led to the shortage of stock. sony however are attempting to overcome the gap between demand and supply.
Sony are keeping customers updated via a Stock Update web site.
Sony may lose out on a considerable amount of money if they do not manage to correct the production problems.

Halo 2

Halo 2Microsoft have announced the release date of November 09th 2004 for the acclaimed Halo 2 offering on the X-Box. In Halo 2, developed by Bungie, the saga picks up from the original game where Master Chief, a genetically enhanced super-soldier—is the only thing standing between the relentless Covenant and the destruction of all humankind.
Full details, including screenshots and stories, can be found at the
X-box news site.

Trillian 3 Public Alpha 1

Since the announcement in early August of the Trillian3 sneak preview by Cerulean Studios, checking of theCerulean Homepage, Developers Blog and Forums has become a near daily ritual for a number of the TN staffers, and almost 3 months later the wait to take a peek under its hood is now over.

Currently at alpha release 1, it’s now possible to get your hands on Trillian3 over at Betanews

We’re not entirely sure if the release was quite planned this way as only a matter of hours before the Betanews release this update was posted on the Developers Blog by one of the companies founders, Scott Werndorfer:

We’ve started sending out builds to those of you who signed up. Not everyone will receive a build from us, and we will be doing it in stages, randomly.

I’ll send out a few more tomorrow morning, but tonight we’re going to crash. In the meantime, check out the website — there will be a new flash link to a sneak preview tour shortly. :)

Having had a couple of hours to tinker with the release so far we’ve got to say V3 is a pretty impressive leap beyond what we saw of Trillian2, with time-shifting video support for AIM, MSN, Yahoo and iChat, keyword lookup from Wikipedia, a greatly enhanced UI and even support for Apples Rendezvous protocol.